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LVM Resort

LVM Resort, formerly known as Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort, is a Class A resort located only six miles away from the Las Vegas strip. LVM Resort already enjoyed an ideal location and premier amenities, but coach owners were not aware of its existence. Kidd Group rebranded the entire resort, changing its name, logo, website and collateral material to fully reflect its luxurious status. The brand positioned LVM as the only luxury RV resort for Class A owners in Las Vegas, with access to the most desirable attractions in the area. The objective of the rebranding was to create awareness and,  ultimately, generate lot sales for LVM, while driving first-time visitors to the resort. Eventually, Kidd Group took a bold step forward, bringing RV rallies to LVM, in order to raise awareness of the RV industry while at the same time driving people to stay at the resort. Despite Nevada’s housing crisis, this resort enjoys a high level of demand for available properties and encourages first time visitors through its rallies and special offers. Since the rebranded website launched, LVM Resort has logged over 1 million visitors, with a high number visiting the reservations page and booking their stay at this world-class establishment.