About - Kidd Group

The short version

Kidd Group is an integrated marketing communications agency with three divisions: Advertising & Design, Public Relations and Web. We’ve been around a long time, nearly 34 years – and we have the scars to prove it. We’ve won awards, lots of awards. Our clients are big and small, high-tech and low-tech, far and wide. Our specialty? Insight. Sure, we have knock-your-socks-off design, stellar PR professionals and web coding that will melt your brain – but our insight and strategic perspective, now that’s what makes us different.

The long version

Established in 1980, when hair bands were popular, Kidd Group began as a design firm located in the garage of one man’s home: Jerry Kidd. Trained as a designer from birth (ok – maybe college), his work quickly became recognized for solutions that exceed client’s expectations.


After many sleepless nights and several cocktails, Jerry Kidd had a vision in 1988 that lead him to create one of the most accomplished advertising agencies in the region. Four years later, in 1992, the Public Relations division was created, giving way to media relations and strategic messaging. Then in 1996, 3W Studios, the website development division of the company was added to meet the increasing demands of our clients. These three divisions of Kidd Group; Kidd Advertising & Design, Kidd Public Relations and 3W Studios, continue to strive for excellence and have become award-winning in their own right. We have successfully implemented full-scale integrated marketing campaigns to individual projects for local, state, national and even international clientele.

Kidd Group started with one man and is now a team of professionals. We attribute the success of our work to our people and an unparalleled commitment to create strategically sound and dynamic products. What’s missing is you – our next client, project, campaign and challenge. Contact us and let’s discuss how Kidd Group can help. Sometimes all you need is a little insight and a new perspective.