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Brand Development

A brand identity should communicate a single message with clarity and consistency. Kidd Group seizes the challenge of assisting clients with this process and draws from a depth of experience with what works—and lasts.

Web Design

Implementation of a client’s brand throughout all channels is thoughtfully guided, intentionally supporting the core values for which it stands. Signage, stationery systems, website architecture, collateral and all internal and external ...

Google Advertising

Google Advertising provides companies with competitive and cost-effective advertising opportunities in real-time and it’s all online. Instead of trying to “push” advertising on unreceptive customers, businesses can “pull” in ...

Kidd Group is an integrated marketing communications agency with three divisions. Kidd Group: Communication Design, Kidd Public Relations, and 3WStudios, executing the web experience. We’ve been creating and advancing brands for over three decades, with plenty of battle scars to prove it.  If awards convince you, we’ve won lots of them.  We are fortunate to work with clients large and small, high-tech and low-tech, from all locations far and wide.  Our specialty?  Insight. We invite your problems and stalemates.  Our experience and strategic perspective—paired with innovative solutions and compelling results—are what elevate our clients’ brands above the noisy global marketplace.