Will Rockmelt Melt Down?

In the past decade, social media has taken off to the point that most of us can’t keep up and the majority of users haven’t logged on to several of these sites simply due to the overwhelming number of them. Could you imagine all of these mediums included in one web browser?

Rockmelt, the new web “WOWser,” does just that.  I was blown away and a bit overwhelmed when first opening the page. I, along with mostly the rest of the world, can’t come close to being active on all of these sites and now they have all been integrated into one.

Rockmelt allows its users to choose which applications they would like included on their sidebar and makes the customizable outlets easily accessible without having to alternate tabs to stay updated. Each added application allows users to chat with friends, check notifications and automatically sync to their favorite sites all at once.

Not only has Rockmelt integrated hundreds of applications, but they included added features, enabling users to network even further.  The built-in chat gives users the ability to stay connected even if they’re not on Facebook at that time. The share button creates a shortcut to share content directly from any page straight to the medium of their choice.  Is this all a little over the top?

With technology in the world skyrocketing, you can’t expect much less. But how much further will the social media world go? Rockmelt was created in 2010 and has just begun to take off due to the company’s recent accessibility to the public. Will the internet savvy users take this expansion and run with it or reject the all-in-one package?