To Google+, or Not to Google+

Google+, we’ve all heard of it, but do we really know what it is or what it does? A lot of us were skeptical when the site first surfaced and others simply adopted it to avoid falling behind in the complicated world of social media. If you are a Google+ user, do you know how to best utilize it? And if you’re not, have you ever wondered what Google+ could be doing for you and your company? According to Forbes, the answer is A LOT, and here’s why:

Better Social Search Rankings. It’s pretty well-known that Google finds ways to reward those who adopt its services and they have done just that with the “+1” button. With Google being the main powerhouse of search rankings, in order to get people to adopt Google+, they included higher search rankings when the “+1” button is used into their search algorithm. Therefore, when companies allow their consumers to “+1” their products and their competitors don’t, natural search rankings will make their SEO skyrocket.

Broader Consumer Appeal.  Because the “+1” button is not limited to use within the Google+ social network, anyone searching on Google can make use of it. This increases the probability of reaching a broader audience and promoting awareness of your brand. It also incorporates Google’s Search Plus Your World, which includes Google+ profiles, pages and posts into search results, further exposing your brand.

Potential to Upsell, Cross Sell and Just Sell. When someone hits the “+1” button on your page, they either purchase your product or move on with their surfing of the Web. Either way, it’s good news for you and your company. Every time someone clicks the “+1” button, your company’s endorsements increase and your social search ranking power does too. Companies take advantage of this with incentives for “+1” clicks, such as discounts and free shipping. They then use this data to design targeted promotions or cross sell complimentary products.

So, what do you think? Is this enough evidence to prove to you that your company will benefit from incorporating yet another social media platform into their marketing plan, or is it all just a big scam?