Social media is NOT something you do for fun

You never know what will happen tomorrow, just as I never thought social media could have such a valuable and lasting impact on the PR industry compared to a billboard or TV spot could hope to capture.

When social media becomes one of the strategies included in a PR proposal, it is not just a  way to update your mood status or  connect with friends, but it is something better not to get started without a strategic and outlined approach.

Creating and establishing social media platforms is the first step to starting any campaign. Encouraging customers to “like” the network is not the end of the interaction; it is the beginning of an engaging relationship. It is a continual learning process to figure out what word to spread, how to give the fans what they want, how to engage more target audiences, and so on.

Having conversations and making target audiences feel like part of a community is always the goal for a social media campaign. Acknowledging that every brand is different with varying audiences that have their own needs, makes it ever more important to start off with the right strategy , relevant content plans, and  activate dialogues.

The old me always said that social media is something you can do for free, but the new me has gradually realized that our time is not free and it takes a lot of effort to do it right.