Instant Expert

Someone I know quite well  recently remarked that they never visit YouTube. So I pointed out a few exceptions to that statement, and they had to concede that actually, they had used YouTube to be an instant expert on several occasions. From learning to do a French braid to tying a proper Windsor knot (I pretend I chose the half-windsor for stylistic reasons), online video has a wonderful ability to educate.

Another acquaintance was remarking recently how they had been unable to unpack and install a rat trap they had bought. The instructions were all too small and confusing. They went online and got a PDF from the manufacturer – of the same small and confusing instructions. But on YouTube they found dozens of helpful user-made videos showing each step, and before long she was ready look up rat recipes.

This informal viral community education is a lovely thing. A bit like the village square or the camp fire. And you can join in, whether it is for the good of your brand or the good of the world at large. One of our clients recently opened their own channel just to share a series of cooking videos. If you’d like to become an instant expert at making Passion Fruit Chocolate Dessert and Chocolate Square Tart, take a look. Or maybe you are an expert at something we are all dying to try. Or tie.


  1. Trish says:

    I’m a fan of the how-to Excel and Word videos! You thought I was just born Microsoft wizard, little did you know;)

  2. Justin says:

    I agree Jeremy, half-windsor knots are much more stylish.

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