6 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Brand

Maintaining a social media presence for a brand is hard work that requires constant attention and nurturing in order for it to be successful and interactive. At Kidd Group, our Public Relations Team manages a variety of different social media accounts ranging from healthcare organizations to tourism and travel accounts, making our messaging and plans for each very diverse. As a result/therefore, we have outlined a few cardinal rules that are important for each client, regardless of their industry or expertise:

  1. Regulate and respond to mentions. Knowing what your followers are saying about your brand is essential. If you are not responding to inquiries or mentions, your loyal followers  not going to bother making an effort next time. Discern whether to respond when a mention warrants a response and always know what is being said about your brand; if there are negative comments associated with your brand and social media accounts, it may be time to revisit your crisis communications plan.
  2. Maintain a blog and promote it through Twitter and Facebook. If your brand has an active blog (which many brands do nowadays), promoting posts through Facebook and Twitter is a great way to get it recognized and read. Twitter and Facebook are your blog’s promoters. These outlets will help your blog post get picked up by Google, and the sites are also a great channel for driving traffic directly to your site and keeping them coming back.
  3. Generate unique content. While retweeting others’ posts and posting interesting articles, make for quality social media content, creating your own unique content will benefit you in the long run for gaining more followers and solidifying a stronger brand base. The best way to do this is to plan ahead (as far ahead as possible, of course) and use blogs and articles as inspiration.
  4. Create meaningful interactions with your followers and fans. Creating meaningful interactions with your followers is crucial for keeping them coming back to your page. While we scroll through the majority of our social media feed, there are always a few pages that we, as a consumer, feel more of a connection to based on our exchanges with them. A gesture as simple as asking a question transforms your brand from always pushing out information to caring about what your followers and brand ambassadors have to say. Next, please refer back to rule 1.
  5. Enhance your brand through visual aids. Rules 4 & 5 go hand in hand. Occasionally posting photos and infographics instead of churning out constant text is important for delivering unexpected content and keeping your followers interested. After all, they can unsubscribe from your page whenever they desire. It is your job to keep them coming back because of the information and meaningful interactions you are providing them with.
  6. Set attainable and measurable goals. Setting both attainable and measurable goals for each of your clients’ social media pages should be completed before even setting up the social media profiles and posting your first messages. Understanding where you want the pages to go and what you are trying to achieve with them is vital.