Think Ink

As PR practitioners, it is our job to get clients “ink.” Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Tampa Tribune or the Tallahassee Democrat, we want them in the next issue. On the first page. With a photo spread. (That is, if we were to have our way.)

One of the handy dandy tools we found to be extremely helpful is HARO or Help A Reporter Out. This FREE service puts upwards of 40 queries in your inbox three times a day. These queries are from reporters working for Business Week, NPR, Fox, CBS and so on. They are all looking for sources, experts and pitching tips to help flesh out a particular story they’re working on.

Even with the novelty and extreme convenience HARO offers, it’s no excuse for PR practitioners to become lazy. We must still stalk, research, stalk, pitch, stalk and lightly (but aggressively) harass editors, reporters and bloggers to get our message front and center. But three times a day (15 times a week) HARO turns the tables. We must admit, it’s nice to have journalists beg us for content – even if just for a few seconds.

Sign up for HARO by visiting and also feed your brain with his book “Can we Do That?”

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