Stars, Stripes, Diamonds and Dogs

With Independence Day just two weeks away, plans are in the works for weekend getaways, poolside fun, ball games and backyard barbecues. For this year’s celebration, however, the Major League Baseball Association has teamed up with the ALS Therapy Development Institute for one of the coolest grassroots fundraising campaigns I’ve ever heard of.

The organizers of “Stars, Stripes, Diamonds and Dogs” are asking 100 people across the country to “Host a BBQ 4 ALS.” After coming across the Web site for this cause, my coworker singed up to receive more information. Fully expecting to receive a pamphlet on ALS or maybe even a listing of area BBQs, Allison was more than shocked when she received her “BBQ in a Box,” which as you can probably tell from the picture, includes everything except the dogs and buns.

Each kit includes an apron, donation box, press kit, banner, tee-shirts, lapel pins, writing pens, brochures, bracelets, balloons and stickers.

While this definitely promotes an excellent cause, I can’t help but to be impressed by the strategy and creativity that went into organizing this campaign,which commemorates the 70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s retirement from baseball after being diagnosed with ALS. The message behind the BBQ will certainly linger well after the last firecracker pops on the Fourth of July.

Make a donation or sign up to receive your own kit at

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  1. Trish says:

    That’s a really cool kit!

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