Word from a PR Apprentice

What happens when four young women are asked to compete for a job? Heavy viewers of reality television might be inclined to say that a 13-week long catfight would ensue. But fortunately, that’s not the case in the PR Apprentice, where we all get along.

What does happen is a lot of hard work. Whenever we’re not working for our PR Apprentice client, GovLoop, we’re working on Kidd Group’s other clients. And whenever we’re not doing that, either, we’re… pasting stamps on envelopes* (a very demanding job).

But we didn’t become PR Apprentices for our sparkling personalities; we’re here because we’re hard workers. We can handle all the challenges Kidd Group throws at us… except maybe the video confessional. Sitting in a supply closet and talking to a camera is pretty nerve-wracking.

Of course, we realize that we’re competing against each other. But that doesn’t stop us from being friends. Good luck, ladies, and may the best girl win!

*Here’s a picture of me pasting stamps http://img196.yfrog.com/i/tov.jpg/