Top 10 Super Bowl Ads

 Even though the Super Bowl game may have been a shut out, the Super Bowl ads definitely still caught the attention of the audience.

1.     Maserati “Ghibli – Strike”
Great build up to the end of the ad and final product! Overcoming all challenges, fears and odds. The little girl’s passionate voice narrating throughout the ad keeps the attention of the viewers of what will happen next. Maserati has not had a car like this one!

 2.     M&M’s “Delivery”
The suspense of the music and camera shots throughout the whole ad has a serious and mysterious tone. While it is not clear it is an M&M’s commercial until the end, it brings out a humorous side. This ad differs from other M&M’s ads because it is not upbeat like previous ads such as the “Sexy and I know It” ad.  M&M’s took a different but still successful approach this year!

3.     Budweiser “Puppy Love”
Definitely one of the top ads, if not the best! For the past few years, Budweiser has had some of the best ads. They all carry the same theme throughout with the Clydesdales and the song “Let Her Go.” These ads tug at the emotional appeal of the viewers, especially with this particular ad including puppy adoption! Way to go Budweiser!

4.     CarMax – “Slow Clap”
While the slow cap is comedic, Car Max managed to keep it hilarious without overdoing it. A guy purchases a car and continues to go home while different scenes of people clap him on! This commercial also tied to a puppy version of the commercial, which reflects the renowned Puppy Bowl.

5.     Coca-Cola “Going all the Way”
This ad doesn’t mention Coca-Cola until the very end when the little boy is handed a Coca-Cola in the end zone. This child is a young version of Adrian Peterson, a running back of the Vikings. The hashtag at the end is #Americaisbeautiful.

6.     Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome”
Another fantastic ad from Budweiser! The theme of the ad was “every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome.” Regardless of political party, this is an ad all Americans can agree on. The music and filming are what make the ad come together and leave the viewers with chills.

7.     Chevy “Romance”
The Chevy Silverado ad shows the manhood of a truck and its towing abilities; while at the same time insinuates that something is missing which is “love.” The music hints that romance may be on the way and that the truck is what can get you there!

8.     Turbo Tax “Love Hurts”
Even though many tune in to watch the Superb Bowl, most of the viewers have no allegiance towards either team and honestly wish it were their team. Turbo Tax is something everyone can benefit from no matter what team you are rooting for.

9.     Audi “Doberhuahua”
Audi grabbed the audience’s attention whether it was out of laughter or confusion, as it wasn’t clear until the very end what the commercial was for. These types of commercials can be risky for a company! However out of the many SuperBowl car ads, none were like this which makes this particular car company stand out from the rest. The whole idea of the ad is that Audi doesn’t compromise, which was cleverly represented through interbreeding.

10.  Cheerios “Gracie”
This Cheerios commercial is simple and to the point. It leaves the viewers with a smile. Gracie and her father have been in previous ads with Cheerios. While Gracie finds out she is about to have a baby brother, she also wants the family to grow with a dog. This ad can relate to all families because it is simple and heartwarming.