Think before you drink.

Before you reach for that second – or fifth – cup of coffee, consider how it may be affecting the quality of your work. We’ve all seen those grating 5 Hour Energy commercials that speak to how coffee can cause a crash, but it turns out that coffee may be more detrimental than we think.

NASA conducted a study on spiders testing several drugs on the arachnids to test the toxicity of the chemicals based on how the drugs affected web building. The drugs tested were Mescaline, LSD, Marijuana, Caffeine, Speed, and sleeping pills. Can you guess which of the drugs affected the web’s structure the most?

Yep – the caffeine.  Of the drugs tested, the caffeine-affected web was unusable. According to New Scientist, the spiders on caffeine seemed “unable to do more than string a few threads together at random.” Comparing to the drug-free (Just say “No”) spider’s web, the most complete webs were the Mescaline and LSD. Actually, the LSD web might even be better than the drug-free web. It’s almost perfectly symmetrical and very detailed. My personal favorite was the Speed-affected web as it was described by the New Scientist to have been built “with great gusto, but apparently without much planning.”

What results surprised you the most?