The P-word

Procrastination. It’s a bad word when it comes to getting things done. We’ve been hard at work here at Kidd Group, so much to do, so many clients – no time to blog! Riiiight. That’s all true, but we all procrastinate in doing things that need attention. Like that pile of dirty laundry calling out, “wash me, wash me!” So here’s a list of ways to stop the p-word from getting in your way:

1.       Schedule your day – Take your time sheet and fill it out with everything that needs to get done today. It will keep you on task and help you see where you’ve wasted time before.

2.       Hard tasks first – Ok, maybe just one. We put off the hard stuff, but when you cross it off your list it will feel so much better and it will help get you rolling.

3.       Jump in the pool – Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and dive right in. We waste a lot of time just thinking, planning, and wondering if you should or shouldn’t – stop your brain and get your body in motion.

4.       Push through – Back and forth, stopping and starting can waste more time even if you think you are “multitasking”. Start a project and finish it. You wouldn’t cook your breakfast halfway would you?

5.       Clear the path – A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. I need to clear the deck (also known as procrastination) so sometimes I take my project to the conference table; it’s clean and away from email (another time waster). Isolate yourself from the norm.

6.       Wake up! Coffee, Red Bull, Four Loko, power jumping jacks or a run around the block – whatever gets you going and clears the mind. For some, in the morning it’s hard to get going, for others it’s that 2pm, after-lunch, nap feeling. Crank the music and put ‘er in gear.

7.       Delegate – Worst case scenario, give it to someone else. Hey, at least it will get done;)

Hope this was helpful and add to the list if you have a tip or … GET BACK TO WORK!!!