The Kidds come out to play.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Kidd Group!

In the spirit (see what I did there? Spirit? Ghost?) of All Hallow’s Eve, the employees came together to celebrate with pumpkin carving, costumes, and lots of sweets.

A healthy breakfast!

We love any chance to show off our creative spirit and dressing up was no exception! From CIA agent, to the Travelocity Gnome, to our own head honcho, the Kidd Group costumes ran the spectrum of Halloween possibilities!

So a CIA agent, a sheriff, Jesus, and an Ad Man walk into a bar ...

And that’s not all! More costumes and pumpkin carving after the jump.

Jesus Justin and Cindy the Gnome discuss best way to travel: walking on water or via competitively-priced plane?

Off to get some bread at the market for him and Abu.

Jessie's the rootin'-est, tootin'-est cow(pr)girl in town!

That may or may not be a real gun. Test Agent Rodriguez at your own risk.

How do you think Jerry got so good? The big J is on his side. And behind him.

Our pumpkin contest was in the spotlight. 3W Studios carried away two awards, with Olivier winning the “Funniest” prize and Jeremy touting the “Scariest”. Trish stole the show with her Jack-o-Jebediah; she won the “Most Creative” and the overall prize of “Best in Show.” With that creativity, it’s no wonder she’s the first mate of this crew!

Putting all our pumpkins in a row.

Jack-o-Jebediah. Representing the Amish pumpkins who appreciate Halloween.

There is nothing funny about carnivorous pumpkins. And this one seems to be eating its young.

This pumpkin looks sweet now, but that pacifier is there for a reason.

Pokey aka Clyde on the prowl for Pacman Pumpkin.

A classic jack-o-lantern.

A sparkly "boo" tiny pumpkin.