The importance of keeping records.

The importance of keeping organized files in the work place goes without saying (but I said it anyway). Each of us in the office has a slightly different way of organization: piles, file folders, online folders, you name it. Within this office there are at least two hard copies of all proposals, contracts, client notes, and agendas – as well as several digital copies, too.

The importance of keeping records of a birthday balloon in the office, however, is not practiced as often. Partly because unlike contracts and proposals, birthday balloons really don’t have a shelf-life. Kidd Group is the proud office to the balloon that is the exception to this rule.

To mark Trish’s birthday on August 18th, I bought her some Reese’s Pieces and a “Have a Magical Birthday” Tinkerbell balloon from our local CVS. The Reese’s disappeared within the day, but the magical balloon continued to float. After a month went by, we were happily surprised at the balloon’s longevity. After two months, into October, the balloon was passed onto me for my birthday, and we admired its tenacity. Today, 83 days after its purchase, the magical balloon is still in the air.

I contacted the Guinness Book of World records via Twitter to check to see if there was a world record for this – there isn’t. Granted, I am going to try to enter the balloon and create a category but where we fall short is records. We would have an open and shut record if I had just kept the receipt, or if we had taken a picture of it when we first got it.

Lessons learned on the importance of keeping records.

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  1. Trish says:

    Long live the magical balloon!!!!

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