Talking the Lingo

A week ago one of our much adored clients sent us an e-mail with an article, which he said reminded him of his Tallahassee Peeps. Immediately interested, we clicked the link and found a humorous listing of the “12 Workplace Phrases you probably don’t know, but should.”

In actuality some of the phrases that made the list were already a part of the Kidd Group lingo, but others have now been added into the rotation.

Check out some of our favorites and feel free to add your own.

“Talking to the dog”
Thinking it through by talking it through out loud. You’ll often hear engineers and programmers say that they finally solved a problem by talking to the dog.


“Eat your own dog food”

Definition: Recommendations are great for everybody else, but what about yourself? If you tell a company to start a blog or jump into social media – you better be doing it yourself, or as we say, “eat your own dog food.”


“Drink the Kool-Aid”
: To enthusiastically perform a task or follow a leader without knowing how this may affect you or to buy the “company line” without question. In business, you may hear someone say, “He drank the Kool-Aid,” when  he means, “He has been thoroughly trained in the program and we have his unconditional support,” or “He is on board with our strategy.” In political commentary, it is used to imply that people who disagree with you have been brainwashed or are under the influence of drugs.



Definition: It’s the practice of celebrating news coverage, new business and Fridays in PR land. Need an example?