Name Games

Kidd Group recently placed blog-naming power in the palms of its readers. As you can see by our blog title (above), a clear winner has emerged. Kidd’s blog has now secured its official name in the Blogosphere: Kidds Say the Darndest Things.

The voting breakdown was as follows:

  • Kidds Say the Darndest Things       55%
  • Through Kidds’ Eyes                          32%
  • The Lookout                                        11 %
  • The Rearview                                      2%
  • Eye Catching                                       Deemed truly awful.

Kidd is not the first to trust the public in bestowing titles. Take a look at these other organizations which used “name games” to support public relations or marketing:

Name that Ship – Royal Caribbean and USA Today

Name my Baby Boy – Thingamababy

Name that Taco – Happy Herbivore

Name the Next Mars Rover – NASA