Life as a College PR Intern

The life a college student is often stereotyped into the all–night party animal you see in movies. While this holds true for much of the student body the nation’s top universities, the life of a college PR student is a little bit different. As one of the 36 students accepted into Florida State University’s PR class of 2013, I have found myself in quite the unique position. The classes are small and work is plentiful. With such a core group of students, I have gotten to know each one of my classmates, and FAST. The option of being a lone-wolf is non-existent when there is a different group project assigned in every single one of your classes. All-nighters, countless group meetings, and endless coffee supplies are an absolute MUST.

But, the classes are only half of the picture. In the rat race of the PR-intern world, the babble about who is interning where is constant. When I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in PR, I found out quickly that you can’t get virtually anywhere without some good, old-fashioned experience. And so, the search for the perfect internship began. With the competitive nature of the industry, finding an internship can be almost as daunting as finding a real-life job. Thankfully, I found myself interning at Kidd Group, where I learn the ins-and-outs of the industry from some of the best.

All of the challenges that the typical college PR intern encounters serve as great preparation for us to enter a career rated 7th on the list of most stressful jobs in America. This must all sound like a complete nightmare to those who may not be in the business, but anyone who loves the PR industry knows that all of the hard work pays off in the end. Learning little insights around every corner about consumers, companies, and the world in-general is thrilling for a knowledge seeker like me. In PR, you’re always on the cutting edge of the next big thing, whether it’s about social media, technology, fashion, or anything under the sun. The beauty of PR is that you can work and learn in any industry you want. The new and exciting innovations and freedom of variety serve as little reminders as to why we stay in the crazy world of public relations.