Happy Birthday to the App Store!

Are you the type of person who loves free things? Do you also love the Apple App Store? Well, if so, then today is your lucky day! The Huffington Post reported that in honor of the App Store’s fifth anniversary Apple is giving away or highly discounting many of its most popular apps.

Maybe you’ve had your eye on Tiny Wings HD (regularly $2.99) but did not want to pay to play, well now it can be yours for free! So often we don’t want to spring for games and seemingly frivolous apps, but now we can indulge our inner children and go on a mini gaming binge. We spot a lot of guilty pleasures developing courtesy of the Apple discounting spree.

Don’t fear though, your productivity will not have to suffer because you downloaded a game or two; there is also a plethora of other much more productive apps available for free as well. Take Resume Designer for example, normally $4.99, it will help you to update, stylize and export your resume on the go.

These aren’t the only apps available for free; there is a huge list available courtesy of appshopper.com.  The discounts are fantastic and range from $.99 – $34.99. Talk about serious savings! We have grown to love the app store in the last five years, and these discounts only work to increase our love. With over 50 billion downloads and over 900,000 apps available the App store is sure to have many more happy birthdays!