Get Vain. With Facebook that is.

Facebook has changed its layout quite a few times. These changes have never been met with unanimous approval. Tonight, Facebook will be implementing possibly its greatest change ever: vanity URLs. (And we can hear the cheers now.)

If you’ve ever looked at your browser when navigating Facebook, you may have noticed that users are identified with long numerical reference tags. Very unsightly. But that ends tomorrow – at midnight. Facebook will allow users to pick out usernames that will be used in their URLs. So come Saturday, our Facebook fan group could have the dignified URL

Unless someone else snatches it first, of course. And for many, this possibility is all too real.

But until dawn breaks we ask, what will happen? Will there be a massive burst of Facebook identity theft? That remains to be seen. We Kidds just know that when the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. we will all be poised at our computers, ready to claim our rightful names.

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  1. svorass says:

    Finally! It’s about time facebook!

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