Extreme Couponing

A hit TV show on TLC called Extreme Couponing has lead to discussion on the use of coupons. How many coupons is too many to use? Saving money here and there when you can, can add up to a lot overall at the end of the year. Coupons have been around for awhile but not until this show did consumers realize the value of a coupon. Coupons can be found in newspapers, magazines, and flyers. Online coupons are very easy to attain and many sites offer free printable coupons. Extreme Couponing goes through the process that the shopper goes through to get the best deal with the coupons they have. The coupons are all in a binder and organized to make each coupon reach its best value by buying a certain amount of the particular item. Original totals from shopping trips on the show can add up to over $500 dollars with shoppers paying  less than $5. While the savings are enormous, most of the merchandise may be items they don’t need right away, for example 50 razors. The show doesn’t just end when all the shopping is done, it shows where the consumer keeps all the products which is usually in a garage or storage unit. While the savings are great, do you think it is worth the long hours of preparation and shopping? To learn more about the show, check out TLC.com