5 Apps to Fall in Love With

1.  Vine

We here at Kidd Group cannot get enough of Vine! It’s literally addicting, or at least we think it is. If you like visually-based social media then Vine is most likely the app for you. Vine, a subsidiary of social media giant Twitter, allows users to capture six second video clips and share them with followers (think Instagram, but for videos). Vine enables its users to create videos with infinite possibilities. Whether you want to give followers a sneak peak of your latest project or showcase your stop motion abilities, Vine is truly a great way to grow your social media presence while having a great time.

2. Clear

Life is busy. Life is confusing. Don’t you wish that there was a way to simplify things sometimes? Well, you’re in luck! Clear, for iPhone, is our go-to list-making application. Need to have a grocery list, to-do list, and “oh I cannot forget to bring that to this meeting” list? You’re covered! Clear allows for seamless, concise lists to be made on your Mac or iPhone, and then to be stored on the Cloud to make them accessible on either device. You’re never going to forget the eggs at the grocery store again!

3. Klout

Have you ever wondered just how effective your social media presence is? Well, Klout is here to tell you. The app rates you on a scale of 1-100 based on how active and influential, you are on social media. You can add anything from your Facebook and Instagram profiles to your YouTube account for the app to gauge your level of Klout, however the app initially uses your Twitter handle to measure your flair for social media.

4. Netflix

Chances are that you already have a Netflix subscription with the over 23 million users who stream online. However, you might not be taking advantage of all the service has to offer. We love to use the streaming video on our smartphones when we are in need of some TV or movie time, but don’t have a great Wifi connection — Thanks 4G!

5. Couch to 5K

We admit working in technology has us sitting down A LOT. Whether it is in front of our computer screen at the office, or lounging on our couches at home, we really enjoy putting our feet up. However, with summer here, we want to enjoy the beautiful weather and get fit doing so! Thanks to Couch to 5K, we can have the support that we need to learn how to run a 5K with just 30 minutes of exercise, three days a week, for nine weeks. It is great for beginning runners, and as an added bonus is incredibly motivational and allows you to use your own playlists while running.

Bonus Round:

Picfx, Over & Afterlight

These three picture editors will help you nail your Instagram game. Our favorite feature on Picfx is definitely the light filter options it allows you to use. Want some stars, hearts or additional bokeh on your pictures? Picfx has you covered. Over is great for its ability to overlay text on pictures. Bust out of the boring caption routine by integrating your text right into your picture. Lastly, Afterlight is a standout for its framing options. Whether you want your shot to look like a heart, the letter Z, or a traditional oval, Afterlight allows you to crop your picture into a large variety of shapes, numbers, and letters.