The Move Home

Chinese people are obsessed with their homes, which are often referred as the places they live. It is a great honor to inherit a house from our parents that were passed from their grandparents that were given by their great grandparents. Oftentimes, parents are relieved when they hear that their children would love to keep living in it. It’s very common, or I should say it’s a kind of a tradition, that Chinese parents afford a place for their children when they get married, and of course, at least the down payment due. To own a home in China is as important as eating and drinking.

There are tons of Chinese old sayings that relate to houses, such as “Where your house is, your home is,” and “Never go far, since your house is here.” Real estate in China is for fortune, love and happiness.  But what if you want to go traveling?

Here comes the Recreational Vehicle! This concept is quite acceptable to a large portion of Chinese people, they love it actually. Visiting attraction spots while living in your own sweet home seems to be the best combination ever! It may also solve the sleepless problem that most Chinese people find it hard to fall asleep when not lying in their own beds.

As we all know, RVing is quite nascent in China. A few years ago, RVs were only used for business, serving VIP customers in luxury hotels for example, and RVing in China is more like the tuning vehicle on the road. Camping areas, and RVing policies are still needed to be managed and regulated. However, with the huge increase of RV unit sales for the past few years, and the large turnout of RV shows, great marketing potential can be seen in the broad eastern land.

Bringing home on your vacation sounds quite attempting, doesn’t it?

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  1. Brandon says:

    This is so cool! It seems that RV traveling might get less and less with air travel and the like, but it seems to be getting more. I work for an RV dealer and though it is a little slow right now, business is okay. Especially in Florida…we’re not exactly the RV hub. I think living in a travel trailer or motorhome might be fun for a while!

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