Make What You Can't Find

Movie are big business, and a lot of care is taken to make sure that each movie is marketed in a way that will catch the public’s attention. So when a movie makes its way to DVD studios work hard to design a cover that conveys the film’s subject and hooks you into picking up the DVD and finding out more about it.

While most DVD packaging is well put together, films in the Criterion Collection get an extra helping of design goodness to set them apart from the pack. From special  features to an updated design for the packaging, the Criterion Collection represents some of the best movies ever made and they make sure to present them that way.

The problem with this is that judging which movies are actually the best movies is a highly subjective process and some great movies don’t make it into the Criterion Collection due to various reasons. So fans are left to wonder: “What would my favorite film look like if it was part of the Criterion Collection?” Luckily for us some of these film buffs decided to stop wondering and start making. On Mumbi they started creating fan inspired packaging that rivals anything that a studio has ever created.

Below I’ve chosen some of my favorite fan created designs, but click be sure to visit Mumbi for hundreds more of these great designs!