I say: pizza. You think: ____?

Pizza is a big business. There are national pizza chains and local joints with the best slice in town. Everyone loves pizza. But, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about pizza? Pepperonis? Anchovies? What about milk ?

Yep, milk. Without it there wouldn’t be any cheesy goodness on your favorite pizza pie (Chicken, bacon, and black olives with extra sauce, thanks.) And while I was visiting my parents recently I found a great promotional piece from the Dairy Farmers, Inc to remind me of that.

I was immediately interested to see what this tiny pizza box might hold, I was expecting maybe a small wheel of cheese.

Upon opening the box I was happily surprised with a pizza cutter (If college life taught me one thing it is that you can’t have too many pizza cutters) with “Got Cheese?” printed on the handle.

Not a wheel of cheese.

It’s an association that people don’t usually think about: milk and pizza. But, through a clever promotional item Dairy Farmers, Inc. is looking to remind us, and that’s what a great promotional item does; it reminds the customer of your brand every time they use it. Now every time I’m slicing up a new pizza I’m reminded that milk does play a big part in my pizza. It’s a homerun for Dairy Farmers, Inc.

Have an example of a great promotional item? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Trish says:

    … and it’s mine now!!! BTW, love the Turtles reference – I’m a big fan.

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