Time is on your side.

Intern Blog Contribution by Andre Gooden.

Today, your favorite shows don’t necessarily have to be viewed on live television. Remember when your mom had to set the VCR to record her favorite soap operas or when you actually had to be home at a certain time to see your favorite show or football game? Well those times are long gone. Services such as Flo TV and Hulu allow you to watch television wherever you go and view content online. People have become aware that it’s easier to avoid commercials. Where does this leave television advertising?

Shows that are viewed on Hulu have less commercial breaks than live television. In order to work with this online format, different brands sponsor episodes. For example, while watching Jersey Shore a couple of weeks ago I was shown a Clean & Clear commercial after each segment. Companies are using online media to strategically place advertisements in front of their target market. That commercial was shown three times, which allows for a higher frequency.

A device that is extremely popular amongst sports fans is Flo TV. This tool transmits videos and data to a portable gadget such as a cell phone, DVD and personal TV. Apple enables customers to download TV shows via iTunes, sending the program to their computer, iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Television is the dominant medium in advertising: accounting for the maximum number of exposures at a time. And while on some occasions watching content online might be convenient, sometimes I cannot resist watching some good old television, commercials and all. In fact often times you might miss out on sales at department stores or a new product that you may have not been aware of. All in all, the Internet capabilities haven’t prohibited TV advertising at all; in fact it has actually provided a new medium for video content and advertising. How do you prefer watching, on regular TV, watching it online, or on a mobile device? Or all three?