Social Giving

In the past if you wanted to make a donation you would call into a telethon or write a check for the charity of your choice. Today technology is taking the lead in raising money for charity organizations and making it easier for anyone to donate to a good cause.

With the rise in popularity of our mobile culture and today’s cell phone users being adept texters, texting campaigns have grown quickly. An example of this was the Red Cross’ text to give campaign following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. By texting to a number setup by the Red Cross users could donate $10 to help in the rebuilding efforts. Through this approach they were able to raise over $24 million dollars.

Not all giving is done over a cell phone, though. Social media has proved especially useful for charities. Since the early days of Friendster (You know, before MySpace and Facebook) users have posted links to their favorite charities encouraging friends to give. Social media has proven to be a valuable tool for charity organizations; from setting up fan pages to spreading information about fundraising events they have found a foothold in social media.

Recently some social media sites have even risen around the idea of helping users give, such as Crowdrise. Some big brands have also gotten involved such as Pepsi Co. who is donating to projects users vote for to “Refresh America” in their Pepsi Refresh Project.

Through these new technologies and mediums charities are able to connect with you in a more direct way than ever before. Now you can see the benefits of you work through a UStream video or a picture posted to Facebook.

In fact, our very own Ivette Marques is helping to raise money for the American Lung Association at the Tallahassee Oxygen Ball using social media and her salsa dancing talent.

Do you have an example of a charity using technology to help its cause? Let us know in the comments!