Professional Development Starts with “PR”

Whether you are still pursuing a public relations degree or are a veteran communicator looking to update your toolbox, it is important to continue education to remain valuable. Tap into professional development organizations in you area, and you’ll find a wealth of information, networks of talented individuals with whom to collaborate and probably a good monthly lunch!

More so than most professions (National Basketry Organization), communications progresses at a rapid pace, which is why it’s imperative that pros stay attuned to the latest and greatest. Within this past week alone, new trends likely emerged within the public relations industry which will be adopted into common practice years from now. Recent example: social media and its evolution into a widespread tool used to engage audiences and monitor conversations.

I am a proud member of the Capital Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association. At each luncheon or seminar, I learn something that enhances my skills and contributes to client success. My advertising counterparts in the American Advertising Federation are inspired by the creativity shared with members.

What’s that? You have a Doctorate in Awesomeness? It’s still important to stay up-to-date with your industry; otherwise you are doing your clients a disservice. That’s what they pay you for – your expertise!