The Psychographics of Media Planning

Recently we won the opportunity to oversee the kickoff of the Florida Department of Health’s (FL DOH) Teen Truth Campaign.  This campaign’s goal was simple: to promote the Teen Truth website, which is an interactive website created by WAHI (Web Automated Human Interaction).  The campaign’s goal is to engage youths and adolescences, as well as their parents and community citizens in an effort to educate them about the risks and challenges that teenagers face today.

As the Media Director and mother of two teens, I dove head first into planning for this buy!   The FL DOH wanted the campaign to start right about the same time as the opening of the popular Twilight series’ third installment, “Eclipse”.  As a fan of the books and movies, I knew from that this would be a prime opportunity to reach not only the primary demographic, but others as well.  The timing for this campaign couldn’t have been better, with school out for the summer, teenagers were spending more time at the movies and had more time on their hands to spend online.  With a limited budget we chose to utilize some of the most popular websites amongst adolescence such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, along with several other websites that appealed to parents such as Gannett’s Moms Like Me. With all of this put together we were able to hit a home run, strategically.  Promotion for this campaign is ongoing with Public Relations efforts including outreach and pitching  to print, radio and television reporters.  Look for the outcome of this initial phase in our Case Study section.

This campaign proved to be one of the most enjoyable and personally engaging campaigns I’ve had the opportunity to work on. With my insight as a mother, media buyer and pop culture fan I was able to create a media buy that accomplished all of the client’s goals.