Nothing but Net… almost.

The end of basketball season is nearly here! At a record of 6-53, the New Jersey Nets are definitely hurting. To boost their attendance (they rank dead last in fan presence) they are implementing a series of interesting promotions, to say the least. These incentives definitely score a three-point shot on creativity: once the promotion was a free ticket and a career fair to unemployed fans.

The next promotion to tempt fans is timely and useful, but is it appropriate? New Jersey residents aged 18 and older who attend the Nets vs. Magic game tonight will receive a coupon redeemable at a tax center to have their taxes done. In my opinion, the promotion makes them seem like they are at the end of their rope.

Opinions aside- is it effective? Let’s review the differences between advertising and promotions to weigh our decision.

A promotion is a direct inducement whose objective is to create immediate sales.  Advertising creates an image over time and relies on emotional appeals, whereas promotions rely on economic appeals: they sing to the wallet.

In this comparison, advertising contributes somewhat to profitability and adds an intangible value. Promotions, on the other hand, contribute significantly to short term profitability and add a very tangible value- in this case, the opportunity to have your taxes done.

PR can make use of promotions, too, to convince people to attend their events or support their causes. However, I think it wise to avoid promotions that carry a ‘desperate’ connotation- every PR person knows the worth of a company’s reputation.

What did you think of the game? Do you think the Nets promotions were effective, or was this a blind shot?