Motorcycle + Fine China = Buzz?

I’ve always been a big fan of simplicity in advertising. Sometimes all you need to do is show a product and let people know what makes it better than the competition. With that said, sometimes simple ads can be more than a little boring; I don’t exactly get excited when a new paper towel commercial comes on. I’ve seen the “versus the leading competitor” trick one too many times. Simple ads only work well when it’s taken a step further and has an added creative twist.

While launching their new “superbike” the S 1000 R BMW had a difficult task set before them: they had to differentiate their product in a highly competitive market. In the superbike category speed reigns supreme and BMW knew they had to show that the S 1000 R is better than bikes that already have a fan base. Sure they can throw out horsepower numbers, weight, and 0-60 times, but let’s be honest: those are just numbers, and while the numbers are impressive they won’t sell a motorcycle. So with a little creativity, a 193 horsepower S 1000 R, and a table full of fine china BMW created a video that shows what their bike can do.


This is a perfect example of how to set your product apart, and BMW has reaped the benefits with over a half million views in just 4 days. Their new super bike is picking up buzz in blogs and being passed around the web on social networking sites. Mission accomplished BMW, you’ve got people talking about the S 1000 R.

Now the real question is: can my Harley pull off the same amazing feat? Who wants to volunteer their fine china?