Cyber Monday Madness

How many of you woke up today with just about a hundred emails telling you where to shop online today? We, at Kidd Group, sure did. But how effective are these e-blasts? Did the majority of you just trash them from the overwhelming amount of emails in your inbox?

This year, spending has dropped during this famous week of sales for the first time in seven years! People believe it is because Thanksgiving came a week later than usual and it forced retailers to push back deals, making a single sale day into a sale week. And with Cyber Monday (or week) among us, the sales keep continuing. Today’s sales expect to reach 7.7 million for Amazon! It seems as though tablets and smart phones are going to take over the holiday shopping this year.

However, while the spending for holiday gifts may be down, movie prices went way up this past weekend. With “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” entering its second week in theatres and Disney’s new animated film, “Frozen” newly released, many people have spent their money and time off watching some new flicks. “Frozen” is now the biggest Thanksgiving release opener… EVER! Even topping the 2001 “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

It goes to show – money is better spent on experiences rather than material objects!

Are you partaking in Cyber Monday? If so, what will you be buying?