Battle of the Multilogue: Facebook Surpasses MySpace

For the first time, data shows Facebook has caught up with MySpace in monthly U.S. traffic. While MySpace announced it is cutting 30 percent of its employee base in order to become more “efficient,” Facebook continues to gain acceptance and steam among a wide range of audiences.

Once a pastime almost solely for American college students, the average age of Facebook users has gone up, with more than half of its network now comprised of those between 25 and 44. I could have told you this was happening a while ago based on the rise in “friend requests” by my technology-laggard friends and family.

Looking at these two different yet inherently similar mediums, we can learn from the success and challenges of each. Yes, MySpace appeals to the creative set with its customization options, but is the simplicity of Facebook’s uncluttered layout what makes it so desirable? Or maybe it’s Facebook’s privacy options. Which site do you find more appealing in building your social presence and why?