Amazon Prime Air is to (hopefully) Take Flight in the Near Future

Amazon Prime is great to have, if you love the free two day shipping. Who wants to pay $20 extra dollars to wait to get something you just bought? It sure is one the latest luxuries when it comes to shipping and handling costs.

However, Jeff Bezos ( founder) just announced the latest in shipping trends. A drone that will deliver the package you bought in just 30 minutes! How in the world are they going to make this happen? Well, the package will be pulled off the lines by a drone, which will then use its GPS to direct the product to the delivery address. It will then release the product onto the doorstep of the buyer. It is definitely something of the future and looks like it will be making flights as early as 2015.

A big problem Amazon is facing is how they can prove to The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that this new technology is safe.  As of now, the FAA has strict rules when it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles but they are working on the rules for the drones. Bezos wants everyone to know that safety is their top priority when it comes to this new technology. People heavily rely on Amazon’s dependable customer service and their fast shipping, so this new announcement can make them jump on top of all of their competitors.

Bezos told CBS that he is aware that this looks like science fiction, but he wants to assure everyone that it is not, and they will make it work!

What do you think about Amazon Prime Air? Do you think the shipping costs will be expensive?

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  1. I don’t think this is going to be too practical. Hope it does not land on my head. 😉

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