A Method to the Madness

March is here and that can only mean one thing: the NCAA Basketball Championships are upon us. March Madness, as it is known to sports fans across the US, is a 65 team tournament which began March 18 and culminates on April 5 with the playing of the National Championship game. College teams from all across the nation compete all year to wedge their way into the playing field and represent their schools in one of college sports’ largest events.

The NCAA Championship may be up for grabs, but there is more on the line than just a trophy. Schools are using this event and all its publicity to spread the word about their institutions. A good run in the NCAA tournament can inspire new students, athletes or non-athletes, to want to become part of a school that has resounding school pride in their sports programs. Often times, the state of a university’s sports program is reflective of the schools well-being and overall popularity.

The promotion is not simply limited to individual schools. Most conferences like the Atlantic Coast Conference or the Big East usually garner some airtime to promote all their colleges in one advertisement. Public relations serve smaller universities and conferences as well. Since the stage of the NCAA tournament is so large, schools participating in the tournament that are less-known will be able to steal the spotlight for a moment.

Schools are capitalizing on one of college sports’ largest stages to promote their institutions. Through television spots, social media and word-of-mouth promotion, colleges are gaining more recognition than ever before. Seizing the opportunity during large events can be useful in promoting your cause or product or in increasing the visibility of your organization.